Casa Del Sol #76 By DJ Nova

Casa Del Sol #76


01. Lisbon Kid - Meco (feat Paula Rego)
02. Cantoma - Abando (Instrumental)
03. JOAMM - Sun On The Hill (Tahiti Mix)
04. Ambala - Calypso Beach
05. Wilson Tanner - Sun Room
06. Ruf Dug - Dominica! (Kenneth Bager Ambient Instrumental Mix)
07. Jack Pattern - Melting Oceans
08. Atlanter - Merula (Prins Thomas Mix)
09. Deique Bleu - Destinations (Original Mix)
10. A Vision of Panorama - Seaside Tune
11. Peter Visti - Passion

Casa Del Sol @ 11.05.16

Coming back this month with a lot and tasty (seaside) tunes * from many and different directions/destinations **. Casa Del Sol #76, ‘’Calypso Beach *** Edition’’, was inspired by the same title Ambala’s track that makes round in my mind lately – use it as a title and added a photo from my secret Calypso’s beach in the Mediterranean Sea similar to Ambala’s cover, except the palm trees. The summer is closer and will be totally Mediterranean like Calypso’s Island. We are still under CC **** we can buy music but why not to do Casa Del Sol Mediterrane(o) Edition number 2 soon?

* ‘’Seaside Tune’’ by A Vision Of Panorama compiled on ‘’Balearic 2’’ compilation ** Deique Bleu ‘’Destinations’’ COMING SOON on Nylon Trax *** **** Capital Controls


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