Mocky - The Moxtape Vol III. on Heavy Sheet/ Morr Music/ Indigo

Mocky - The Moxtape Vol III. 22.04.16///Already OUT on Heavy Sheet/ Morr Music/ Indigo///What to say about his last year’s follow up? The 3rd installment of his mixtapes continues the magic of ‘’Key Change’’. Mocky reveals once again his unique and #vintage but so fresh (at the same time) and sweet sound under his exceptional #soul and jazz magic, on dreamy and groovy #bossa nova and #funk. Even on a dance surprise. Mr. Oizo’s rave alert on ‘’Soulful Beat’’ is an unexpected tune on this release… - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// PLAYED: & /// #electronic #heavysheet #jazz #miguelatwoodferguson #mixtape #mroizo #niaandrews #LosAngeles


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