BBE 289SDG2 Fae Simon - The One That Got Away on BBE Music

BBE 289SDG2 Fae Simon - The One That Got Away 29.07.16///Already OUT on BBE Music///The summer boogie of DJ Raw Sugar Mix is ace, i can call it Balearic as well (later i checked that you call it Balearic as well). Love so much the smooth deep Afrotastic Beyond Tone Remix, this a super late night affair, a close of the set tune that would be loved like no other my Jaymz Nylon for sure! TheShaun Ashby's dub is taking my back the delightful days of US garage circa 1994/1995. Magic remixed package! - DJ Nova, NovavoN,‪#NovaPlanetRadioShow‬, ‪#RodonFM95///#newrelease‬ ‪#soul‬ ‪#house‬ ‪#boogie


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Οκτώβριος 2016

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