SC 0043 Blank & Jones - DOM on Soundcolours

SC 0043 Blank & Jones - DOM 19.08.16///Already OUT on Soundcolours///Blank & Jones unstoppable thirst for creating different pieces of ambient, chill out and downtempo music, led them to convert on their perspective own prism the captivating religious music of the previous millennium on an album and other audiovisual event which is unprecedented. Their travel in time and parallel maturation bringsthem closer and closer in contact with sulfur, to the creator, who in turn gives them the unique inner peace and inspiration to present us the ‘’DOM’’. ‘’DOM’’ opens with the wonderful ecclesiastical anthem could say, '' Lumen Churches', continues witha variety downbeat realms next their#chilltronica and #electronica experimentalism and but opens its doors on wider distances like on ‘’Lux Aeterna Supernova’’. - DJ Nova, NovavoN, Nova Planet Radio Show, Rodon FM 95/// #newrelease#ambient #downtempo


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